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Ethel Waters, as Petunia Jackson in 

Cabin in the Sky (1943)

Aromas by Starlets Collection




*Don't forget!
Colorism privileges THOSE with lighter skin while disadvantaging THOSE with darker skin.
This happens within and outside OF THE BLACK  community - PAY ATTENTION & just say no! 

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Preview Clip_ Dirty Gertie from Harlem U

Francine Everett, as Gertie La Rou in Dirty Gertie from Harlem USA (1946)

moisturizing serums, BALMS, butters, & soak

Enjoy your Flora Butters with sea salt crystals in a bath or apply directly to skin as a serum, balm, or butter.

Edna Mae Harris, as Elsie Bellwood in Lying Lips (1939)

Yellow Roses
Preview Clip_ The Blood of Jesus (1941,

strengthening lavender sage & scent-free hair butters & serums

Organic Root & Scalp Serums and Hair Butters are full of premium all natural ingredients that nourish dry scalp, split ends, and bleached or heavily processed hair.

Cathryn Caviness, as Sister Martha Ann Jackson in The Blood of Jesus (1941)


floral hydrosols

Refresh, relax, and tone your skin with an all natural organic flower water facial mist - comes in Rose or Lavender and contains only 100% Steam-Distilled Organic Hydrosol made for you by Brown Angel Skin & Hair! 

Water Purification Treatment

Aromas by Starlets


Willor Lee Guilford, as Letha Watkins in 

Ten Minutes to Live (1932)